Created with love each piece is one of a kind and perfectly imperfect.

Founded in 2015 by Ashley Alston

After the birth of her child, the brand's namesake, Ashley found herself with less personal time and a more intense desire to create. Always compelled to work with her hands, Ashley took the evening time that she once devoted to her corporate career and began painting, designing, and handcrafting one of a kind pieces of jewelry. After an almost decade-long career in Corporate America, Ashley longed to be an entrepreneur and Sadie Lark was organically conceived from unifying two concepts - constructing pieces of beauty and imagining sharing them with the world.     


Perfect Imperfection

All pieces are created from handpicked stones and made by the hands of Ashley herself. The nature of Sadie Lark jewelry is perfect in its imperfection. Metals are mixed, pieces are asymmetrical, stones are mismatched, all creating a striking unity. 


Jewelry adds richness, another layer in the storytelling. Think of Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy - jewelry can make moments iconic.
— Kelly Framel